No-Nonsense Advise About Selling Your Home

What are the most important strategies for homeowners who are serious about selling their home? Here’s our top 8 tips.

1. Asking the Right Price

The difference between a SOLD sign on the lawn and a home sitting on the market for months could come down to the asking price! Strategically listing a home at the right price; taking into account the home and its features, the area, and the current market conditions is an essential tool in the sales process.

2. Marketing

Sales in today’s market is complex. Buyers have access to so much information. Successfully marketing properties must be strategic & multi-faceted, well planned and consistently implemented. Look for a marketing strategy that is customized, that maximizes the unique features of your home.

3. Team Work

It is so important for sellers to work effectively with their agents during the home selling process. Communication is key. Working together to prepare the home to show well, sharing important information about the condition of the home, setting up showings and providing feedback to the owners are just some of the ways that communication and team work sell a home.

4. Flexible Closing Date

Did you know that the closing date can sometimes be more important to the buyer than the price! Being flexible with the closing date can help obtain an offer on your home quicker than your competitor.

5. Incentives & Extras

Every home has items of interest that could entice the buyer to make an
offer. Sometimes a buyer is willing to offer more money for extras that the sellers are willing to include. During showings, make sure to highlight every possible “extra” feature. If you have a fireplace or woodstove, make sure it’s burning. If you have radiant heat in the floors, make sure it’s on. During the winter months, provide summer pictures of the yard and landscaping. If your home is energy efficient, leave out some power bills.

6. Curb Appeal

Stand outside your home and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Make an objective assessment of your property. Is the lawn neatly mowed? Is there debris in the yard? Pay attention to the details. Replenish any mulch, weed flower beds, pressure washing the siding, freshly stain or paint the front steps. Small details will impress and entice potential buyers before they even walk in the front door.

7. List of Positives

When friends and neighbors visit, what do they notice in your home? Does family compliment your kitchen? Your yard? That special reading nook? Make a list of all the positive features of your home. Remember to include any recent updates and information about the neighborhood, the school district, parks and trails, and other things that you love about your home and area. Make copies so that the potential purchasers can take it with them.

8. Use a REALTOR®

REALTORs® are professionals with training in sales. They understand real estate transactions from both a financial and legal perspective. They are connected with other REALTORs® and offices and they know how to use this network to market your home. We hire professional contractors to build houses and skilled mechanics to repair our cars. Choose a professional REALTOR® to get your home sold. Experience and knowledge in today’s market is a must. Choosing the right agent will maximize your chances of selling your home and may even impact what you get for your home.